Stream of consciousness #1

Am I Already Perfect?

Photo by Jaanus Jagomägi on Unsplash

Thinking about unlimited opportunities crack open the order of false boundaries. Meditation on your life where everything is possible unveils who you are. Einstein said, “if you can imagine, you can do it”.

Here go the chains that locked your wings and made you forget about them.

Even God said that people can do anything they set their minds to. Pretty incredible, isn’t it.

Imagination is not a silly ability children use. They create worlds and live in them all for the help of imagination.

Now, I told myself to be free, but this is where I get stuck. I caught an idea and thought to turn it into an article. Yeah, that’s where the problem is. I need to relax and allow my thought to wander. I remember teaching where the presenter told us that we’re supposed to control our minds. We are not to be lead by our thinking but we are to lead every thought. A successful person can control their own thoughts. They are not supposed to be running around and sniffing every fence post like a dog off-leash.

God is teaching me to about my real me whom he created and whom I so often fail to be. It’s because I’m that person. I idealize and hope to become that person one day. God’s been pointing at the sign saying, you’re that person now.

I did something that I’m not supposed therefore guilt and regret sawing my head off. Their goal is not to make me a better person but to destroy me. They bring an enormous cloud of dark negativity and hopelessness. Nasty darkness instead of a way to get over my mistake and get close to the goal.

All the time God’s telling me that I’m the person I see in my heart. All the same time, my consciousness is shaking its head saying that my actions prove a different person.

I guess I’m camping between “the perfect me” and “the me in the worst-case scenario”. My actions prove the lack of perfection but God draws my heart to believe that I’ve arrived.

Like I said, guilt and regret will not move a finger to help,e to stand on the feet and do better. No, they will saw my head off for the smallest mistake. It’s not in their interest to help me.

However, God anticipates my victory. He's cheering me on even when I sit in the puddle of mud. He’s all about the forward when I seek to explain my future, past, and the answers to every why.

Identity, hey? Guild, huh?

Alright. I choose to receive the image of myself my heart has been painting for ages. I choose to refuse all regrets, failures and stains. I walk through the door as if the new page in life turned to show its pale face.



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